2014-15 Emory & Henry Women's Tennis
Emory & Henry vs Washington and Lee (Mar 07, 2015)

#20 Washington and Lee 5, Emory & Henry 0
Mar 07, 2015 at Washington and Lee (Duchossois Tennis Center)

Singles competition
1. Sonja Meighan (W&LW) vs. Sveva Mazzari (E&HW) unfinished
2. Brooke Donnelly (W&LW) vs. Stella Di Michele (E&HW) unfinished
3. Meghan Buell (W&LW) vs. Chiara Mossi (E&HW) unfinished
4. M. Shutley (W&LW) vs. Lauren Riner (E&HW) unfinished
5. Kelsey Vella (W&LW) def. No player (E&HW), by default
6. Genny Francis (W&LW) def. No player (E&HW), by default

Doubles competition
1. Meghan Buell/Brooke Donnelly (W&LW) def. Sveva Mazzari/Chiara Mossi (E&HW) 5-1, retired
2. Kelsey Vella/Michelle Fleenor (W&LW) def. Stella Di Michele/Lauren Riner (E&HW) 8-0
3. Sonja Meighan/M. Shutley (W&LW) def. No player/No player (E&HW), by default

Match Notes
Emory & Henry 1-1, 0-1
Washington and Lee 7-2, 4-0; National ranking #20

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